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Project Kajitsu Wiimote Support

Nintendo Wiimote

Wiimote Bluetooth support is now being tested. This demo shows the Pi booting and pairing to a Wiimote.

The Bluetooth drivers and the pairing process adds some delay to the total system start-up time and if this can be reduced we will add this functionality to the mainline Kajitsu PS3/XBOX360 code.

Check out some fun SHUMPS action below!

Project Kajitsu as a general-purpose external peripheral interaface

Noritake VFD

This video illustrates the Kajitsu Pi Hat being used as an interface between a Noritake VFD Display and the Pi B+’s GPIO pins. The octal buffers provide line driving capabilities and also protect the PI’s 3.3v I/O pins fron the display’s 5.0v RDY line. This demo uses the same I/O routines as the joystick code but in this case it’s bi-directional and much more data is being transferred.