Project Kajitsu


What is Project Kajitsu?

Project Kajitsu (Kajitsu is Japanese for Berry) is the brain child of Mike Wolak and Jasen Hicks based on the $35 Raspberry Pi B+ Model. The goal was to use the Raspberry Pi with a custom Pi Hat / Linux kernel and turn 2 ordinary PS3 or XBOX360 controllers into 2 Discrete JAMMA compatible controllers. We succeeded.

Who did all of this and why?

All of the software, hardware, and testing associated with Project Kajitsu was done in house between Jasen and Mike.  We undertook this project to bridge the gap between modern consoles and arcade games of the past. One of the fun benefits is that you can also control things like robots or other gadgets looking for 5V or 3.3V logic inputs!

Why the Raspberry Pi?

The Raspberry Pi B+ released in July 2014 opened the aperture on how much you can do with the Pi because of the expanded GPIO. It now has 40 pins instead of 26 with only a few being set aside for specific uses (power, ground, i2c, serial bus). This means we can use two controllers on the Pi and create enough discrete outputs for both Player 1 and 2 on a SuperGun. Think… only on device to handle two players!

What controllers are supported, and is there lag?

In the first release, RC12, Wired XBOX 360 and Wired PS3 Controllers are working with no perceivable lag. With more testing and getting additional hardware other PCBs will be added in future releases.  Our goal isn’t to use all the controllers on the market but the main ones.  Want to tinker? We’ll be releasing the source files at a later date so the community can tinker and experiment.

What about Bluetooth?

Bluetooth is an awesome technology that adds a little bit of freedom to your gameplay. Unfortunately, initial testing has shown the pairing sequence isn’t as simple as the plug and play usb version and requires more testing and tinkering on our part before we add that functionality. When we do add it, PS3 and Wii controllers should work with Project Kajitsu.

Tell me more about this Linux you are running…

Our custom light weight Linux operating system image boots our USB-DISCRETE App in less than 3 seconds! Mike Wolak has fine tuned the Pi image to behave more like a high speed micro-controller vs. an underpowered desktop computer allowing nearly instantaneous startup times.

What/When can I download?

Today, you can download the BETA RC12 version of our Custom Linux Kernel and the EAGLE Board files associated with our Project Kajitsu Pi Hat. Beta V0.1 is fully tested.

These files are provided as BETA files only. We are not responsible for any damage to your Pi, Pi-Hats, or SD Cards. We have used them with a lot of success so far. If you are interested in the schematic files for the Project Kajitsu Hats, we will make them available at a later date.

Part Lists:

3x 74HC245DW Buffers
2x 3.9K 0805 Resistors (Optional)
1x 0805 LED
2x 1K 0805 Resistors
4x .1uF 0805 Capacitors
1x i2C EEPROM (Optional)
1x 1N4001 Diode (Optional)
4x 3pin .100 headers
2x 12 position .100 screw terminals
1x 2 position .100 screw terminals
4x Jumpers
1x Raspberry Pi B+
1x Micro USB Cable or Regulated 5v DC Supply

Can I just buy this preassembled?

We are doing a small batch of boards right now and should be ready in October. Pricing is to be determined.

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