Project Kajitsu Version 0.4: Beta Testing

Project Kajitsu V0.4

Project Kajitsu’s Hardware has been transformed with Version 0.4. We have left the formal pi-hat spec for size behind us in lieu of a more user friendly DB15 version of the board. This version of the board offers the convenience of the the DB15 ports while maintaining the flexibility of the .100″ screw terminals (both are optional, but at least one should be installed). Additionally, we simplified this board making it an “out” board only, meaning you would only use it to convert PS3/XBOX360 controllers to discrete outputs on a +5V logic setup such as a SuperGun!

Changes include:

1. Player 1/2 status indicator. The board will show which player has a USB controller plugged in.
2. Removed the diode from the incoming +5V line as our initial testing showed brown-outs on the Raspberry Pi.
3. Added DB15 ports for simplified SuperGun/NEO-GEO connections
4. Removed the Logic Selector Jumpers. This is a +5V Logic Hat.
5. Set the transceivers to be output permanently.
6. Form factor change. It still mates to the Pi B+ properly.

Project Kajitsu V0.4

Moving beyond the Pi Hat Standard to make Project Kajitsu more user friendly

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