Software Downloads

RC12 – Kajitsu custom Linux Distro.

RC14 – Updated Kajitsu Linux Distro. Adds Wireless XBOX360 Support (2 Controllers, 1 Wireless Dongle), Hot Plug USB Cables for wired XBOX 360 and PS3 Controllers, Verified all 2P controls work properly, Extensive testing with XBOX 360 controllers.

Hardware File Downloads

Version 0.1 – Screw Terminals, 3.3V or 5.0V Discrete Voltages on the output pins, I2C chip, Bi-Directional (in or out of Pi for various uses), external 5V power connector via .100″ screw terminals

Version 0.4 – DB15 Ports to connect to SuperGun/MVS/AES, screw terminal positons (optional), Player 1 and Player 2 controller indication, SIO exposed, +5V provided by SuperGun or NEO-GEO. Do not plug power into the Pi unless your 5V rail coming from the controller ports are not energized.


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